What GiftTastic is all about and why use it

What is it?

GiftTastic is a brand new site that helps manage gift giving and registry participation. Looking to solve the problem of gift mismanagement and modernize the today's gift registry solutions, GiftTastic is created on a flexible platform to let your guests claim items like traditional registries or split the cost of desired products while participating in various discussions. While you may still hear the words, what do you want for your birthday? With GiftTastic, you won't need to think about which gift that person or group should buy. Simply directing them to the registry will give them up to date information on which gifts are remaining and which have already been claimed.

What else?

What else makes GiftTastic so wonderful? Common registrys limit you to purchase products from their stores. Use GiftTastic to add items from anywhere on the web. Our quick auto search and advanced search tools let you find the exact gift you're looking for.

How can I use it?

GiftTastic can be used for any occasion with all imaginable gifts so why not get started for your next gathering. Weddings, Birthdays, and Baby showers aren't the only events you can use GiftTastic for. Planning a BBQ with GiftTastic can help you organize who will bring which food and drinks without getting too much of one item and not enough of another.

Who's behind the wheel and what we're driving

Ilya Elkind

Ilya Elkind

Founder and Developer. Ilya has developed and designed GiftTastic from the ground up. He blends the latest technologies with fundamental patterns to provide an efficient platform.

Boris Elkind

Boris Elkind

Founder and Visionary. Boris plays a vital part in making sure all users get the best possible experience with GiftTastic. His problem solving and analytical skills pair perfectly to bring the latest trends and ideas to fruition.

Our goals looking forward


We want you to use GiftTastic and never leave without fulfilling all you have set out to do. We are always improving the user experience based on our research and member feedback. If something is not working properly or just doesn't make sense, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Send us your thoughts


We are continuously looking to grow. The more we grow, the better the experience we can provide to you. People have an abundance of fresh ideas and growth will feed our innovation.

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